Indoor Shades - Roller Shades
Sunstor, being in the frontline of the development in its sector, presents the Sunstor Roller blinds.

The most technically advanced and innovative solution world-wide for sun protection and decoration. The Sunstor Roller blinds following the most updated trends in international fashion, are changing the image of the home and the workplace, giving them a modern tone.

They are available in a wide variety of colours for both natural and decorative textiles (artificial blackout textiles, screens, etc.) to fulfil specific needs and guarantee customer satisfaction. The high manufacturing quality, craftsmanship and the guarantee of Sunstor insure perfect function, with absolute precision and the option to operate the blinds by chain, spring or electric-powered mechanisms.
Aluminium Box
64 x 79mm
Aluminium Box 32mm or 40mm.
Possibility of side guides for complete black-out.
Variety of quality and colors in fabrics.
Aluminium tube 32mm or 40mm.

67 x 67mm
Aluminium Box with 32mm tube.
Ability to cover the box with fabric.

90 x 90mm
Aluminium Box with 40mm tube or 45mm tube.
Ability to cover the box with fabric.
Available with side guides.

Function Modes:
1. Manual
2. Electrical
With chain
Simple mechanism
Aluminium tube 32, 40, 45, 55 mm. Plastic or aluminium bottom rail.

Rotating mechanism
Aluminium support rail.
Aluminium tube 32 or 40mm.
Aluminium bottom rail.
With spring
Adjustable spring mechanism.
Aluminium support rail.
Aluminium tube 29mm.
Plastic bottom rail.
With printed fabric