SUNSTOR was established in 1970 and is the result of excperience in blinds by its founders since 1949.Steadily moving upward, SUNSTOR is one of the most timely and dynamic companies offering quality products (venetian and vertical blinds) in addition to a high level of service.

SUNSTOR is recognized for its dedication to quality down to the smallest detail -both in construction and installation- and for its respect of the consumer's needs.

No product is delivered to our customers unless we are absolutely sure it is of the best quality and meets the customer's specifications. For this purpose SUNSTOR uses synchronous machines and equipment,experienced stuff,specialized technicians and pioneer technology.

Furthermore, SUNSTOR actively seeks new technology and innovations and selects the best materials from the best factories around the world. Above all, we are always ready to take responsibility for whatever service you might need, whenever you might need it. Because with SUNSTOR blinds...all the light is shining on you!